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3 Ways to Start Your Mornings Intentionally!

3 Ways to Start Your Mornings Intentionally!

Hey Sister, Welcome back to the blog! We are so glad you're here. Thank you for all your love on our most recent blog post. We seriously adore you sweet babes!

We wanted to use this platform to not only keep you on trend but to also inspire you in every part of your life... from Fashion to Home & Health! That being said, today's Blog Post goes beyond Midi Skirts & Graphic Tees. We want to chat about: 3 Ways to start your mornings with Intention.

One thing 2020 has made me realize is routines are important. Mornings can make or break your day and unfortunately, I think we all have experienced a bad morning or two! We know life happens but why not be prepared & plan on starting your day in a way that will set you up for success?

Kate & Kris Boutique Blog | Daily Intentions - Start Your Day Right and Make Your Bed 

#1: Make your bed: 

Want to feel accomplished as soon as you wake up? Make your bed! Yes... I know it's easier said than done but let me tell you, it makes the biggest difference. Not only does it keep you from being tempted to crawl back in bed but it also gets your morning off to a great start.

It really is the small things in life because this 2-3 minute task leaves me feeling ready to tackle anything the day throws my way!  

Kate & Kris Boutique Blog | Daily Intentions - Start Your Day Right by Stretching and Drinking Plenty of Water

#2: Stretch & Drink Water: 

Everyone & I mean everyone, can benefit from a Morning Stretch. Touch your Toes, Roll your Shoulders, Stretch you Neck... Whatever it may be, get that body moving. When you're finished, grab a glass of water, maybe some Lemon & ENJOY. Your body and mind will thank you for that one! 

Kate & Kris Boutique Blog | Daily Intentions - Start Your Day Right by Focusing On The Positive

#3 Focus on the Positive:

Yep, I totally know this isn't the easiest. Especially right now. I mean 2020 has been rough, to say the least but you will be amazed at what looking on the bright side can do for you! Sit down, Grab a piece of paper or open your notes app and write down 5 things you're thankful for! What's something you're looking forward to? Whatever it is, write it down. Taking time to focus on the positive can do wonders for your attitude! 

Wa-La! You'll never have another bad morning again. Just kidding, we know it's not that simple but we do think we already have all the tools to start our days on a good note. We just have to remember to use them! 

Safe to say, We haven't given up on 2020 just yet. Who knows... It could just be the year we perfect our Morning Routines & kiss "I'm sorry, I had a rough morning" goodbye! 


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