About Us


Welcome to Kate & Kris Boutique! I have to be honest, it’s really exciting (& a little scary) for me to write that! It’s been my dream for so long to create a space where I can be connected to other women who are striving to discover and be their best selves. Together, I can’t wait to discover what makes you feel strong, vibrant, comfortable, and confident. Because, every day, I’m working to uncover the same about myself. As a woman, I’ve realized I’m a lot of things-wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, and on some days, I dare say, boss-lady. And I’m thinking a lot of you are the same way. You’re an amazing business woman, a pillar in your church and community, a rock to your family, and the list goes on. You’re so many things, but let’s not forget what makes YOU so uniquely you.
At K & K Boutique, we strive to offer quality products, at the best prices possible (after all, we’re all in this together), while providing great customer service. We’re not here to sell you a dress that will make you someone you’re not. We’re here to help you show off the BEST woman you already are! Our mission is to provide products that accentuate your beauty and confidence, and maybe give you a reminder of who you truly are on the days you forget.
We know life is crazy. Shoot, you may be hiding in the bathroom or your pantry right now to grab a few minutes of quiet time to yourself. We know because we’ve been there! Thank you for choosing to spend those moments for yourself with us. So, go ahead, say yes to yourself for a moment. Stop telling yourself that you’ll never be able to pull off the color that you absolutely love or whatever your version of that statement is that holds you back. You are beautifully you, and we hope we can help you shine.


Hey there! My name is Tina Maynard, and I’m the owner and creator of K & K Boutique. I call eastern Kentucky home, which is practically heaven on earth. I’m the wife to a wonderful man and mom & step-mom to four perfect kiddos. That’s actually where the name Kate & Kris came about! I decided to honor my two youngest kids by using their middle names. The people and their siblings that have carried the names Kate and Kris have brought me more joy in this world than I ever could have imagined. They are the ones who inspired me to pursue this dream. I hope to be an example of what hard work, love, and passion looks like for them.
Thanks for stopping in, whether you’re a new customer, a long time K & K Boutiquer, or just popping in to see what this is all about. You’ve made my dreams possible.